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  • Mon 20th Mar 2017 - 10:47am

    Memory Repair Protocol

    Ken Norton. On March 31st, 1973, boxer Ken Norton was the 7-1 underdog leading up to his fight against Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali at that time, he was the worst nightmare for other boxers. Norton had no chance. In other words: The bookies.. Did Not Give Him A Chance. So much for the bookies. Because Ken Norton broke Ali's jaw and stole the fight. He defeated the mighty Muhammad Ali, A fluke? No. See Norton worked with a hypnotist in the lead up to the fight. And in Norton's mind the actual fight it was like a "re-run" of the mental programming he'd already rehearsed with his hypnotist. Ali didn't use a hypnotist. But guess what? He started using hypnosis after the Norton fight. Guess what else?

    In 1996 boxer Steve Collins used hypnosis in the lead up to his World Title fight against the boxing God Chris Eubank. The focus of the hypnosis was for Collins to throw two punches to every one of Eubank's. At the end of the bout Eubank threw roughly 300 punches. Collins threw 600. Collins won the fight.
    It happened in 1956,

    At the Olympics. In Melbourne, Australia. By the end of those games the Soviet Union topped the medal board. Their total medals: 98. They got 24 more medals than the USA. And they also topped the gold medal board. The Soviets captured a total of 37 gold medals. All very impressive. But did they CHEAT? See the Soviet Olympic team took an additional 11 "recruits" with them to the games. Those additional 11 "recruits" were not conventional sports coaches. And they were not ex-athletes either. So who were they? And why were they there? Actually, they were HYPNOTISTS. And they hypnotized the athletes into super-athletes who almost couldn't help but win.

    After the hypnotists were through with them -- it was almost as if the athletes had "already won", BEFORE they even peeled off their tracksuit to start their event. They hadn't necessarily trained (physically) any harder than the other athletes, either. Nor were they necessarily genetically superior or more naturally talented than their competitors. And no... There's not a shred of evidence they were doped up to the eyelids on performance enhancing drugs. The ONLY "performance enhancing substance" they relied upon was the perfectly legal hypnosis mind imagery techniques the 11 hypnotists filled them up with. That's how the Soviet Union cleaned up at the Melbourne Olympics in 1956. And, if you also want to clean up in whatever sporting activity, academic activity or work activity you are involved in then you can also use self hypnosis to help unleash your full potential.


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