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    Plantation Shutter Arches Plantation Shutter Arches and even more specialty shapes brought to you by You want a spectacular home environment. And interior designers will tell you that in order for your surroundings to be truly spectacular, you must include at least one uncommon element - otherwise it wont be spectacular at all.Plantation Shutter Arches, cost of plantation shutter arches Wood Shutters, custom plantation shutter arches Some of the more popular architectural elements used to create a spectacular “wow” effect are plantation shutters arches. They are a favorite of interior designers and homeowners alike. Perched on windows and doors these unique Plantation Shutter shapes draw immediate attention and appreciation. They are at the same time both modern and classic and will elevate your unique home like nothing else can. Plantation Shutter Arches - Considerations and Costs To get the absolute most enjoyment from your plantation shutter arches, take note of the following considerations before you make a purchase: Operational or Static Timber Shutter. Arches can be constructed so that the louvers (the individual slats that make up the shutter) move to control the amount of light coming through them or they can be manufactured to remain stationary-static, and not move. Functional shutters require additional hardware and manufacturing so it will come as no surprise they are more expensive than static arches. Wood or Poly. While solid wood plantation shutters are typically the norm, many modern interiors benefit from the use of our Poly-core shutter material. The plastic-like Poly-core material cuts and shapes just like wood but is lighter in weight, less expensive to purchase, somewhat easier to maintain, and can be painted in any color (even custom paint schemes) that you desire. Made in America or Made in China PVC Shutter. Most plantation shutter shops buy their shutters from a middleman. And sometimes that middleman is a company in China. And sometimes that middleman is Obviously, anytime a middleman is involved the cost of the product goes up accordingly. And . . . if bought from China, additional shipping costs, tariffs, storage fees and wasted disposal costs all get passed down to the consumer. These additional costs can be so substantial, in fact, that custom crafted hardwood shutters made in the USA are often more affordable than off-the-shelf plastic shutters shipped from overseas. Lifetime Guarantee or Not. Want a quick way to determine the quality and value of plantation shutter arches without becoming an expert? Check the guarantee. The finest plantation shutters carry the finest guarantee. Not only do we guarantee our craftsmanship, on-time delivery and integrity of the materials used but we'll also guarantee any purchase you make from for as long as you own them. Turn your home or office into something spectacular. Choose plantation shutter arches for your windows and doors today. Fire retardant plantation shutters are a must-have for hotels, restaurants and commercial properties, and a smart choice for homeowners as well. Fire retardant plantation shutters, commercial plantation shutters, fire proof plantation shutters, fire resistant shutters Fire Retardant Plantation Shutters Commercial property managers and homeowners typically choose plantation shutters as a way to add value to their home or business. That value comes in the form of design esthetic, functionality, increased property value and last but certainly not least . . . safety and protection. Usually the safety and protection plantation shutter buyers look for is in the sense of protecting their furnishings, artworks, collectables and the people they love from the harsh rays of the sun. But more and more Wooden Moulding, businesses and homeowners are asking for fire retardant plantation shutters. Specifically, fire retardant plantation shutters that meet the National Fire Protection Agency's NFPA701 standards. Plantation Shutters of Florida's Ultra-Poly shutters provide all of the benefits of traditional wood shutters, plus the benefits and peace of mind of being fire retardant. Ultra-Poly shutters fuse innovative technology with durable craftsmanship. The aluminum core reinforcement makes them the longest lasting shutters available on the market today. They are fire retardant, moisture resistant, and are impervious to termites. These unique shutters offers you the rich look of wood shutters and with several notable enhancements. Our Ultra-Poly shutters last significantly longer than traditional wood shutters providing care free operation for the life of your home or business. Our Ultra-Poly fire retardant plantation shutters also insulate up to 70% more efficiently and they won't chip, warp, crack or split. The Ultra-Poly material cuts and shapes just like real wood, which means we can create your custom plantation shutters to any size and shape you desire. Even arches, circles and octagons. Additionally, you can choose from an endless array of colors, all of which have been UV stabilized to avoid fading, peeling and discoloration. We even guarantee it. And, just like are highly regarded solid wood plantation shutters, our Ultra-Poly shutters are 100% Made in the USA. A favorite destination of thousands of travelers every month, Marriott's Ocean Pointe Vacation Club turned to us at PlantationShuttersFla to add an additional level of elegance and safety for their guests, visitors and employees. We custom-crafted affordable and easy-to-maintain plantation shutters for the Marriott's rooms and common areas. And the results are spectacular Polyurethane Moulding. The Marriott shared with us that they chose PlantationShuttersFla for their new commercial grade shutters over all the other providers because of (1) our 5-Star Guarantee, (2) our surprisingly affordable price-points and (3) because we could measure, manufacture and install their new shutters faster than anyone in the country. They also appreciated that all of our plantation shutters and components are sourced from North American providers. We then use those components to build each shutter to exacting specifications in our Stuart, Florida workshop. Each of our commercial plantation shutters are then inspected for size, fit, integrity, finish and color. This additional step helps to ensure that the installation of shutters occurs on the scheduled day and time. Choose PlantationShuttersFla for your Commercial Plantation Shutter Needs Whether you oversee a hotel, restaurant, movie theater, bar, nightclub, business office, hospital or clinic you can be assured that the commercial plantation shutters you get from PlantationShuttersFla will not only add another level of elegance to your location, but you will also get attractive pricing, fast installation and the best guarantee in the business.

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