TopicHow to use Norton 360 with LifeLock?

  • Mon 2nd Dec 2019 - 10:23am

    Norton 360 with LifeLock is a comprehensive security software that includes many advanced security features such as real-time threat-protection, parental control features, password manager, credit monitoring, SafeCam, and many more. You can use it on various devices at the same time according to the device-limit set by Norton. On top of that, it includes 100GB of secure cloud backup and Secure VPN.

    On the other hand, you get the advantage to be notified if you’re Social Security Number, name, address, or such information is used in applications for credit or services. In simple words, we can say that it is all-in-one protection for your devices, online-privacy, and wallet protection. This article highlights the basic things that you must know about Norton 360 with LifeLock.

    What is included in the LifeLock Norton bundle?

    There are three security products that are included in LifeLock and these are as follows:

    • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select- it is a security product that you can use on up to 5 devices including 100 GB of cloud storage capacity.
    • Norton LifeLock Advantage- you can use it on 10 devices with 250 GB cloud PC backup.
    • Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus-this plan can be used to secure unlimited devices and it has 500 GB cloud PC backup.

    How to download Norton LifeLock?

    Some simple and quick steps for LifeLock Norton download are given below:

    Install on Windows or Mac

    1. At first, you have to sign-in to your Norton or LifeLock account.
    2. To do this, enter the username and password and then hit the “Sign In” option.
    3. Click on the “PROTECT THIS DEVICE”/DOWNLOAD” option that is present under Norton Security Online.
    4. Further, click on “Agree & Download”.
    5. When the file gets downloaded, then “Run” it.
    6. In the end, you have to just follow the on-screen prompts and you are done with the process to deploy Norton 360 with LifeLock.

    Install on Android

    1. After downloading the product from norton setup you need to install it.
    2. For this, go to the Google Playstore.
    3. Now, tap on the “Install” option.
    4. When the installation completes, click on the “Open” button.
    5. After reading the Norton License agreement, tap on the “Continue” option.
    6. When Norton gets completely installed on your Android device, you can start using it.


    After deploying any of the products from Norton, deploy it on all the devices you have in your house according to the limit of each product. Once it is there, you can sit back and relax because your personal information is now in safe hands.

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