TopicThe biggest cybersecurity risk faced by IT managers

  • Wed 29th Aug 2018 - 11:14am

    The new survey from DataSolutions reveals about many Irish IT experts who are feeling their organization isn’t ready yet to deal with the emerging threats.

    The Cybersecurity landscape is constantly developing and it can often be intimidating for the most experienced IT professionals to keep pace. New threats are constantly coming up and this has been doubled with the ensuring that the entire organization is confident about its security strategy that can cause severe headaches.

    The new survey from IT solutions distributor, DataSolutions has asked about 111 high-level Irish IT decision makers about their current cybersecurity strategy. The biggest concern is the annual Secure Computing Forum in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin on 20th September.

    As per the survey, 60pc of decision makers will say that the human error is the biggest cybersecurity risk faced by the Irish businesses. Close to the two-thirds (63pc) of respondents said that the organization isn’t equipped enough to deal with the emerging threats. 76pc said that they are expecting to increase in the cybersecurity spend in 2018. Some are making quite significant increase with the 30pc of the respondents that indicates a rise in the spent became more than the quarter.

    Although the increase in the spent has been forecast and IT professionals are feeling the pinch with the 51pc of the respondents talk about the cybersecurity budgets in their organizations weren’t high enough to invest in the required infrastructure.

    Security Specialist at DataSolutions, David Keating said that it was encouraging to look at the companies investing more in the Cybersecurity strategy.  That was needed in the development and that has increased the threat environment.

    According to the survey, 70 pc recognizes the highly complex nature of the modern cyber threat as the main reason why the security teams aren’t fully prepared to face today’s challenges.

    Keating further talks about the educating the team which is the most important step as it increases the focus on the training that could help with equipping with the companies for the biggest security threats.

    From the carelessness and error to the phishing attacks most of the leading Security threats are heavily influenced by the people and so with the employee cybersecurity training is the no-brainer for the business leaders who are serious about the cyber protection.

    And spending money at cybersecurity isn’t the answer to these new challenges organizations that adopt the strategic and targeted approach to effectively combat threats. He concluded by noting down an rising view among the Irish professional is that Irish businesses have started to take a more mature approach to security and has accepted that they will be hit by the emerging threat. Hackers are going to be one step ahead so it is essential that the companies have the right defense technology in hand.

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  • Fri 31st Aug 2018 - 10:10am

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  • Tue 4th Sep 2018 - 1:36pm

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